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Jewelers use #35 Handpiece. This unique handpiece has a ball bearing speed increaser that produces 2.5 times the speed of the motor. This makes it perfect for bright cutting with diamond fly- wheels and other high speed work with carbide and diamond points. The H.35 comes with a 1⁄8" (3.18mm) collet installed unless otherwise specified. Other fractional and metric collets available separately and in Collet Set HP103000. Note: The H.35 handpiece should not be operated at speeds faster than 35,000 rpm. When connected to your standard Foredom motor (that runs up to 18,000 rpm), motor speed must be kept at 14,000 rpm or less (75% of full no-load speed). We recommend using the H.35 with the powerful M.TXM bench-style motor which has a built-in dial control, or the M.TX hang-up model with the C.EMX dial control for setting and holding speed to within 35,000 rpm range. Another option is using a standard Series SR motor with an C.EM dial control.