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Metal Recovery is an essential need with prices of raw materials like gold silver and copper rising, you don't want to lose any of it. With these toolsand supplies you will be sure that nothing is getting lost, so more money in your pocket. When you want to recover gold, or silver from polishing sweeps, gold platinging soolutions, Bench Filings, Plating solutions, ultrasonics and polishers, and whatever types of gold in any form you have. Plus you can refine gold and silver too.
Ionnet® Metal Recovery System Settling Tanks Simplicity® Gold Refining System
Metal recovery system has high plating efficiency, translating into fast plate-out to very low concentrations more info
Designed to catch diamonds, stones, gold scrap precious metal particles. more info
Refine material and get back all the lost gold from your filings, polishing scraps, bench sweeps, and scrap gold. more info
The Gold Bug® System The Gold Getter Waste Water Treatment System
Recover, to a concentration of 2 parts per million! or less. more info
This gold getter will washout sink and retain virtually all gold particles present in your drain water. more info
Waste Water Treatment System to filter out impurities from plating solutions. more info