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When making jewelry, jewelry abrasives come in many different shapes, sizes, forms, are essential to polishing jewelery. These abrasives are used to deburr, remove scratches, add luster, sparkle and shine. To polish or to  give a  decorative finish to metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper bronze you to have the right abrasives which will take the metal from its rough look to lustrous shiny glow. You can surely find what you are looking for at the Jewelers toy store. People making jewelry use emery paper, abrasive bands, miniature abrasive wheels and discs, to grind, sand, debur, cut, polish, and texture, gold and silver jewelry as well as other precious and non precious metals that are being made into jewelry. The process of bringing the jewelry to it's final luster is a simple once you understand the steps that need to be taken, and the steps can vary depending on where you begin. For example: When you begin with a casting you must first cut the jewelry off the tree, then you must grin the sprue off the jewelry using a more aggressive abrasive wheel, that can be made of silicon carbide, or rubber. Then the parting lines of the rubber mold that if they exist must be removed, and this can be done by either using emery paper, again grinding wheels of various grits, rubber or silicon wheels of various grits; Jewelry abrasives allow jewelers making jewelry to bring gold, silver, platinum and any other metal to its desired luster, shine or its choice of decorative finish. All these abrasive wheels, discs papers, and other kinds will fulfill the different functions and purposes on platinum, gold, silver and etc. Whether it's to deburr or to create the right shine or the decorative finish look for large or small jobs, or tight spots or open areas, it's all here!
3m-Radial Wheels Abrasive Emery Bands Abrasive Emery Sticks Abrasive Paper
more info
Abrasive Emery Bands are great for getting it done inside rins, bracelets. more info
Emery stick for polishing jewelry by hand is economical and easy to do. more info
Abrasive paper sheets are excellent for varnish effect to jewelry more info
Abrasive Roll Emery Ring Shells Miniature Abrasive Discs Miniature Mounted Abrasives
Abrasive rolls are used for consistent cut and finish of the jewelry. more info
Emery ring shells smooths and polishes the inside of rings. more info
Abrasive Discs used for Jewelry making the world over more info
Miniature mounted abrasives wheel brushes are ideal for light cleaning and deburring. more info
PSA Abrasive Starter Kit Wheels
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) strips are used for fast and precise cutting more info
Finishing and super-polishing cast precious alloys. more info
Wheels are used on metals, plastic, glass, and porcelain. more info