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All tumblers for jewelry use steel shot in one form or another. The magnetic tumblers which are wildy popular as well as very effective get the job done fast and easy. So which ever method you choose for your specific application, you will find that the variety, selection, and price are available right here at the jewelers toy store as powered by rosenthal jewelers supply. as well as the accessories, like steel shot, steel shot cleaner. Brands, like Viking, aubin, raytech, Ikohe, Best Built and more.
Centrifugal Compounds Disc finisher
Centrifugal Finishing System is equipped with four barrels spaced evenly on the periphery of a turret. more info
This soap is specifically designed to work with our magnetic tumblers for burnishing gold and silver. more info
Barrel tumblers work well for jobs requiring heavy burr removal. more info
Drag-Finishing Magnetic Media
Drag finishers will produce a fine finish without allowing the pieces to ding or mark each other. more info
Magnetic finisher is made to make quick work of your finishing needs with little effort. more info
Jewelers use it for aggressive wet cutting on all metals. more info
Rotary Vibratory
Rotary machine is complete with motor overload protection. more info
Jewelers use vibratory tumbler for polishing and deburring metals. more info