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Jewelers use Acetylene Torch Tip. This special tip was designed to give the right mixture of atmospheric air and fuel gas. Tips feature slip-in design and seat perfectly by hand. Easily rotated to any position while flame is lit.
Air/Gas General Heavy-Duty
This air-gas torch is made specifically for heating, soldering, light brazing, and silver soldering. more info
It is  easily rotated to any position while flame is lit. more info
Controls for oxygen and fuel gas are positioned for easy adjustments in this. more info
Jewelers Little Torch® Midget Torch
It equips you for all soldering, welding, and melting jobs. more info
A precision engineered, highly versatile instrument capable of welding, brazing and soldering. more info
This is a versatile torch for all types of bench work. more info
Self-Igniting Torch
It is commonly used for detailed purposes such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, heating, jewelry making. more info