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Abrasive Discs used for Jewelry making the world over, these discs allow delicate and rough work to be done on metals like Gold, silver, Brass, Platinum, To name a few. Materials like Aluminum Oxide, Silicone Oxide, Adalox, Garnet, Emery. Pin hole Discs as well as snap on discs.
1 1/2 In Adolox Emery
Jewelers need abrasive Discs in polishing jewelries. more info
Jewelers need these exceptionally long lasting Adalox sanding discs fine grit and backing that are designed for jewelry applications. more info
Used in sanding and smoothing operations. more info
Garnet Separating Snap On
The flexible backing allows accessibility to hard to get at areas. more info
Great for cutting chrome casting and non-precious metal casting sprues, prongs, shanks. more info
Ideal for sanding quickly and in hard-to-reach areas. more info
Jewelry making needs these exceptionally long lasting waterproof sanding discs fine grit and backing. more info