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Gemology accessories serves for multiple purpose like cleaning, wiping, holding, cutting etc.
Brokers Vest Diamond Sellers Gem Cleaners
The safest way to carry diamonds undetected. more info
Exhibit the brilliance of precious gemstones in an eye catching display. more info
It is the best partner of boric acid because it burns well and easily. more info
Gem Oil Holder Lint Free Cloth
The process enables the elimination of fracture reflection and structural weakness and in addition accomplishes the filling of pits more info
Excellent for for gripping and holding diamonds, all types of loose stones, and small objects. more info
Cloth to safely and effectively wipe away skin oils, dirt and dust on jewelry, pearls, beads, metals, glass, watches, optics, plastics and acrylics. more info
Paper Boxes Paperwieght Posters
Jewelers use Paper Parcel Boxes. Excellent for carrying or storage. more info
Keeps parcel papers open for easy examination of goods. more info
Printed on high quality art paper and shipped neatly in a protective tube. more info
Shipping Box Shovels Sieves
Diamond Shovels used by Jewelers are excellent for handling diamonds, pearls and other precious gemstones. more info
Each set has sieves with progressively sized holes and a chrome sorting container. more info
Sorting Pads Tray Wallet
Jewelers use the finest bright white paper provided as a sorting tool. more info
For sorting diamonds, pearls, or gemstones, Jewelers use Sorting Tray. more info
Comfortable to wear and completely undetectable. more info