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Assay or a fire assay as more commonly known is the process of arriving at an accurate determination of the purity of gold and other metals like silver and platinum to name a few. The Jewelers Toy Store is the "one stop shop" in which you can acquire everything you need to get it done fast, easy, and economicaly. For jewelers making jewelry, buying gold, or selling ogld to refiners, being able to determine the karat of the gold is essential. The most important reason to make sure that the right karat is being manufactured and what is promised to the client is real. In addition, the jeweler can be sure of his costs. So if you are refining a metal or making jewelry, being able to assay the metal is a great resource to have. When buying gold and reselling it to a refiner, or to anyone lese, there is nothing more accurate than doing an assay. From analytical scales, to cupels, to vacuum tubes to take a pin sample to lead foil, even the assay furnace. The jewelers toy store has it all. So although gold testing acids, and stones, new xrf, or xray technology is great, the assay is still used as the absolute and final determination of the purity of gold and silver. And when you know the purity your know the value.
Assayers Tong Cupels Furnace
Assayers Tong is used for holding, manipulating and pouring, as well as for picking up hot objects. more info
Cupels is a small shallow porous cup used in assaying to separate precious metals from lead. more info
Furnaces for use in the fire assay process for gold determination more info
Lead Foil Rolling Mill Vacuum Tubes
Lead foil is highly malleable and is used in assaying. more info
Rolling mills are used for rolling wires, featuring easy installation of pattern rollers. more info
Vacuum tubes are used for taking samples for assaying while metal is molten. more info