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Gold is considered one of the safest investments. And of course, gold jewelry and goods are much more exciting than intangible assets like stocks. So, the desire to buy and own gold keeps going strong. However, this unfortunately leads to a lot of fake gold out on the market. And you need to know exactly what you’ve got to avoid losing money by overpaying for material, or by underpricing items.

Acid Electronic Gold Testing Scales
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Fortunately, there are many ways to determine whether or not gold is authentic and pure. One basic way is to see if the metal is attracted to magnets. However, the magnet you use would need to be very powerful and won’t give you any specific idea of the metal’s makeup. So, magnets are helpful as more of a jumping-off point in gold testing.

Experts with a background in working with precious metals are also adept at observing the colors and features of true gold and silver over fakes. But even experts need to rely on trustworthy means of confirmation.

An incredibly surefire way to know the genuine content of metals is with a gold and silver testing kit. A lot of precious metal testing is done with acid. Acid has different reactions when it comes in contact with different materials. For example, if the acid bubbles and turns green, that metal likely contains very little gold or possibly none at all. Acid can also determine the karat content of gold. Gold that is less than 18 karat vanishes in under 30 seconds when it comes in contact with acid.

Considering how abrasive and dangerous acid is to work with, it’s important to use a test stone. To suit your needs, we offer small, medium, and large-sized test stones. The stones are safe to use with acid, and their deep black color provides the right backdrop for easily viewing test results. The stones are perfect for scratching a gold sample onto, as well as for use with testing needles.

Test needles are various samples of gold held together on a ring, similar to your keys, or swatches of paint. They are excellent for doing side by side comparisons with the gold you have in question. We offer test needles with five different gold samples, ranging from eight karat to 18 karat.

After a scratch has been done to a gold item, some corrective work may be needed. We have natural pumice stones available for removing fire scale, retexturing, and cleaning after test scratching.

As all of these items can be used again and again, it’s a good idea to have somewhere safe to store and organize your gold testing supplies. A hardwood box with thick wood and different storage compartments is ideal. We carry an attractive hardwood storage box option to keep your supplies protected and organized.

All of these components can be purchased through our site separately as needed, or as a complete gold test kit.

Finally, while acid testing is an accurate and affordable way to determine the quality of precious metals, it’s understandable why some people prefer not to work with acid. It can harm jewelry, flatware, coins, and other priceless items. It can harm anything else in the vicinity should an accident occur. And far more importantly, acid is extremely dangerous to people and animals.

Fortunately, there are great alternatives to acid testing. Electronic gold testers can determine the gold content of metal with superior accuracy within seconds. They are also able to detect silver, platinum, palladium, and gold plate. Electronic gold analyzers are safe, portable, and easy to use.

We carry the Niton XL2 100p, Niton Gold XRF Analyzer XL2100, as well as the DXL Desktop Analyzer. While electronic gold testers aren’t the most inexpensive method available, you can be assured you’ll get the best price anywhere when purchasing through The Jewelers Toy Store, powered by Rosenthal Jewelers Supply. We’ll ship our electronic gold testers to you with fast and free shipping.

Whether you need individual items to replenish your gold testing supplies, an entire gold and silver testing kit, or an electronic gold tester, we’ve got you covered. With more than 60 years of experience, you can rely on The Jewelers Toy Store to bring you the highest-quality products, the best prices, and fast delivery for all your gold testing needs.