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Everything for polishing, and bringing the desired shine, luster, or texture to metals like, gold, silver and platinum to name a few. The equipment, components and compounds are the best, and most affordable, basically everything and anything you need. And here are a few of the items and brands you may find of interest: Rouge, Silver Polish, Dialux, red rouge, Green Rouge, Fabuluster, Gray Star, Zam, platinum rouge, buffs, muslin buffs, yellow stitched buffs, felt wheels, paramount, felt ring sticks, Brislte brushes, cocker weber brushes, compunds, and polishing cloths.
3m Wheels Air Purifiers Brushes
3M Wheels are used to produce a smooth deburring finish on all alloys. more info
Air purifiers breathe the dust produced during jewelry making. more info
These brushes contain the best ratio of pure chunking to nylon bristles to give the best possible finish. more info
Buffs Components Compounds
Jewelers use these buffs, made of finest muslin to produce a high finish. more info
Protect yourself from debris with this polishing hood. more info
Polishing compounds are renowned for the exceptional finishes they impart to precious metals. more info
Dust Collector Felt Items Felt Ring Buffs
Dust Collector, compact self contained professional unit with high efficiency dust recovery. more info
Felt cones are simply ideal for accessing interior surfaces. more info
Felt ring buffs eliminates the need to change buffs when only one spindle is available. more info
Felt Split Lap Felt Wheels Filters
Felt split lap is used by jewelers for smooth operation. more info
Felt wheels are pressed to different hardness to suit the needs of metal polishing. more info
Filter is used in jewelry making to purify the dust and dirt. more info
Finger Guard Motor Adaptor Motors
Finger guard protects fingers from heat, dirt, oil and grease. more info
Motor adaptor to secure the shank of millgrain wheels. more info
Polishing machines are used to have best effect in polishing. more info
Polishing Cloth Satin Wheel Spindles
Polishing cloth is used to polish surfaces without scratching metals, optical glass, plastics. more info
It is used to produce a brilliant satin finish on gold, silver and other metals. more info
Used to hold abrasive paper or cloth polish inside rings. more info