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Jewelry Casting has evolved over the years along with technology. First there was sand casting, in the 20th century the Lost wax casting method became the choice because it was the easiest, the most cost efficient method of making Jewelry. Its reliability and consistency saved lots of time, and allowed so much flexibility that other methods became irrelevant. Lost wax Casting is a step by step process that make the extraordinary art of jewelry simple. There are the machines, tools and supplies that make it easy to get it done. So if you want to sand cast as the ancients did or use the lost wax method which is the fast and easy way of today you still have lots of choices as to which of the lost wax methods works for you and your budget. Centrifugal casting, Induction Casting, Vacuum and pressure Casting, all a lost wax casting method. If it's metal, like gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, or any such mixture you can do it, and we will make it easy. .
Casting Flasks Casting Machines Cuttlefish
Casting flask are designed to resist the thermal shocks of casting and quenching. more info
Casting Machine assist in producing denser castings and minimize splashing. more info
Cuttlefish bone is used for casting small objects by pressing model. more info
Deburring Furnaces Investing Tools
Jewelers use deburring tools for grinding and sprue removal leaving a smooth even finish. more info
Furnaces are used for melting and holding metals. more info
Investing tools serves for mixing the investment for fusion eliminating any gas presence. more info
Investment Machine Parts Sand Casting
Eliminate flashing & spalling associated with investment breakdown during burnout of plastic & resin pattern materials more info
Casting machine parts are used for seal during vacuum casting while withstanding heat from the flask. more info
Sand Casting Kit is used for casting simple metal articles like jewelry and small sculpture in sand. more info
Sprue Base Sprue Cutter Sprue Wax
Wax patterns are sprued and mounted on sprue bases prior to investing. more info
Sprue Cutter is designed for cutting and trimming plastic model parts. more info
Sprue Wax is specifically used as sprues. more info
Casting supplies create an excellent deoxidizing flux and dip. more info
Jewelry making using the casting method is the most cost efficient solution for production or custom design. Its reliability and consistency is well known. You can find here all the machines, tools and supplies to get it done right here. Have any questions send us an email or give us a call.