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Jewelers use High quality, long-lasting crucibles. Wesgo® crucibles are used for higher platinum temperatures. Clay crucibles can be used up to 2,500ºF. Specifications: capacity 3oz.t./93.3g, material high heat, wesgo A, used with centrifugal C43-12. Jewelers use Non-Asbestos Gaskets. For creating a seal during vacuum casting while withstanding heat from the flask. Assures you a good vacuum.
Bell Jar Centrifugal Galloni®
To ensure perfect seal, Jewelers use Bell Jar. more info
Jewelers use High quality, long-lasting crucibles. more info
Jewelers use this Ceramic crucible with the Galloni High Frequency Induction Casting Machine. more info
Gaskets Mandfredi® Memco Parts
Gasket ables to withstand flask temperatures. more info
Jewelers use non-contaminating crucibles. more info
Where ever water pressure is not sufficient to supply a proper flow of water to your induction casting or melting machine. more info
Modular 6 Motorcast Super Vac
Jewelers use Graphite Crucible for Galloni Fuses New. more info
Extra part for the motorcast compact platinum caster. more info
Used to reduce the size of the casting chamber to accommodate a smaller flask. more info
Thermotrol Vacuum Pump Vcmii
Thermotrol Heating Units gives a scaled performance in all conditions. more info
High quality straight mineral oil with low vapor pressure for high vacuum pumps. more info
Base ceramic ring for crucible. more info