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Jewelry cleaning is the prefferred method of giving the final touch for jewelry. This is the final step used by retailers, or professionals in the jewelry polishing and cleaning process before placing the jewelry on display or in the hands of the client. Steamers have been used for jewelry making, and cleaning for years. From professional to home use steamers clean and shine better than any product on the market without leaving any residue or water spots...Some uses for steamers included:  Diamond Cleaning, jewelry cleaning, find all the best and most reliable brands at the jewelry toy store like:  Steammaster, Reimers, Reliable, and Gemoro
Accessories Dryer Electric
Used for cleaning jewelry in ultrasonic machine or steamer. more info
For drying objects, using warm air after final finish with tumbler or ultrasonic. more info
Used for cleaning all types of compounds, fingerprints, soap spots and dirt. more info
Parts Portable
Steam cleaning is the fastest, most efficient and economical way to give your jewelry that extra sparkle. more info
Steamer portable device is easy to install and eliminates the risk of flareback, firebox explosions and smoke damage. more info