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Anti-Tarnish Products Polishing Cloths Steam Cleaners
Keep your finished jewelry and jewelry components safe from tarnish with these Anti-Tarnish products. Helps to prevent tarnish and corrosion by absorbing damaging moisture and other atmospheric dangers. Protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, gold, and pewter. Not just for jewelry, you can use these tabs with your fine silver ornaments and dinnerware. A paper tab measuring 1 x 1 inch is good for up to 30 cubic inches of air space (approximately a 3 inch box). The strips will protect for up to 6 months, depending on the frequency and amount of exposure to air. Can last up to one year in a sealed, airtight environment. Safe to use, these paper tabs and strips are non-toxic and do not emit any chemical residues. To use: Place a tab or strips  in jewelry boxes, storage bags, silverware chests, instrument or trophy cases. Best if used in a sealed, air tight container. Keep spare tabs stored in a sealed, airtight container. Quantity: 20 Anti-Tarnish Tabs more info
Polishing cloth will remove tarnish and polish silver to a flawless shine. more info
Steam Cleaners are used to clean away left over wax, plaster waste and other debris, and for polishing the final product. more info
Ultrasonic devices are used by jewelers to clean quickly and easily. more info