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Everything to care for the jewelry while in process or once the piece is completed. Assure yourself that jewelry does not get lost, or mis-handled, everything is accounted for. Jewelers paper and plastic bags to store, ship, and manage gold and silver jewelry. Including products like anti-tarnish wrapping paper, repair envelopes, job envelopes, everyhting to care for the jewelry once it's made, or recieved for repair, or sold.
Anti Tarnish Bags Anti Tarnish Tissue Paper Foil Paper
Specially treated tissue paper are used to keep jewelry from tarnishing after plating and final cleaning. more info
Jewelers use Paper Foil gold nugget a gift wrap paper. more info
Gift Bags Job Envelopes Paper Dispenser And Cutter
Endows with a fabulous finishing touches of the jewelry. more info
Job Envelope is made of sturdy kraft paper. more info
Jewelers use Paper Roll Dispenser to hold Anti-Tarnish Paper Roll in place. more info
Printed Tag With Claim Check Reclosable Plastic Bags Triple Duty Repair Envelopes
Printed tag with claim check is for customer's claim check. more info
Jewelers use this for instant identification of items in every shop or store. more info
Jewelers use these Triple Duty Printed Envelopes to organize repair jobs efficiently more info