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When you want to set diamonds, or gemstones of any kind thes setting tools make it easy and fast. Used by Professional the world over.  For Jewelers for making jewelry here is everything for gemstone and diamond setting, beading tools, dividers, ring clamps, burnishers, prong lifter, and more. All the hand tools a person who want to set diamonds will need.
Just to mention a few of the tools you will need, they include:  GRS Benchmate, allset system, Flex shaft, foredom, beading tools, divider, milgrain tools, ring clamp, the allset, burnisher, holder, prong lifter, and burs.
Beading Tools Burnisher Divider
Jewelers use Beading Blocks for reshaping ends of beading tool punches. more info
Used for burnishing scratches from gold, making it possible to salvage many pieces without gold loss. more info
Dividers are used by Jewelers to duplicate exact distances between points for scribing circles and arcs. more info
Holder Milgrain Tools Prong Lifter
Holder firmly hold tubes for stone setting without collapsing. more info
Milgrain Tools are used to dress up a setting, ring mounting. more info
Prong lifter is designed to gently pry prongs loose from stones when remounting, resetting or retipping. more info
Ring Clamp Setting The Allset
Ring clamp is used for holding rings during polishing, engraving or setting on rings. more info
Used for pushing prongs or crown points around stones. more info
Kit includes AllSet Basic Guide Assembly (AS6850) plus 13 adjustable depth prong-setting. more info
As a person becoming or already working as a jeweler when you want to set diamonds, or gemstones of any kind,  these setting tools make it easy and fast. Used by professionals the world over,