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Jewelers use Wax Sheets. Flexible sheets that can be cut or formed into any shape. It's ideal for designing, can draw or trace directly onto the sheet. High manufacturing standards ensure exceptional consistency and significant price savings. Value is enhanced by larger package quantities at the same price as the smaller packages available elsewhere. This 4" x 4" sheet wax is available in the gauges used most.
Beeswax Casting Wax Sheets Inlay Wax
When rubbed on a surface, this natural wax leaves a film onto which a design can be transferred. more info
This wax sheets are ideal for designing. more info
After hardening, it is a superior wax for carving. more info
Layout Wax Mold-A-Waxtm Paraffin Wax
Transparent wax used for positioning stones over a drawing. more info
It is soft at room temperature and can be softened by immersion in warm water. more info
Its used primarily as a masking agent when electroplating two or more colors. more info
Perfect Purple Wax Pour-A-Textm Sticky Wax
It is used to build up the pattern through successive additions. more info
Carving, Sculpting and Filing jewelry in wax, is easy with these Waxes. more info
It has super bonding strength for adhering to dissimilar waxes, more info
Utility Wax
It is pliable at room temperature, has adhesive properties for buildup. more info