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Bead stringing, be it a hobby or for professionals will require the right tools, supplies and materials. At Jewelers Toy Store, this category of jewelers supplies is the one that you need in order to make bracelets, necklaces or any type of jewelry you could imagine. Bead string is a world in itself, requiring things like Bead boards, bead string, french tips, french bead wire, pliers, tweezers, beading needles to name a few.  Plus you can find the books, and instructional manuals to teach you how to do it. A great hobby or a great profession...bead strining is fun.
Kit Needles Nylon Cord
Bead stringing kit is said to be all for jewelers. more info
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Simply the quicker and better way to thread beads! more info
Silk Thread Steel Wire Tools
Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Wire more info
Jewelers use bead stringing tools for different purposes more info