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Standard Gem Microscope | 10x/30x Gemstone Microscope | Affordable Inspection Tool 10x/30x Gemstone Microscope Econo
Our Price: $359.00
Sale Price: $313.40
You save $45.60!
Elite Professional Microscope Microscope Zoom Scope - 7X to 45X
Our Price: $895.00
Sale Price: $781.33
You save $113.67!
GRS® Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope System with ergonomic design and bright LED illumination. GRS® Meiji EMZ-5 Microscope System
Our Price: $1,885.00
Sale Price: $1,885.00
GRS Acrobat® Classic Microscope Stand with a microscope attached, positioned for comfortable use. GRS® - Acrobat® Microscope Stand with Headrest
Our Price: $945.00
Sale Price: $945.00
Optia® LED Ring Light attached to a microscope, illuminating a work surface. GRS® - Optia® LED Ring Light 12DC with 120 Plug
Our Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $325.00
Digital microscope with R clamp stand Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope With R Clamp
Our Price: $360.00
Sale Price: $360.00
Jewelers use Professional Gem Microscope. Made with the same quality as our trinocular zoom microscopes you will not sacrifice any craftsmanship with this microscope. If you are looking for a high quality microscope with premium optics then look no further. This microscope has got all the makings of a professional scope at a fraction of the cost. Included with the scope are a 10X eyepiece it produces 10X or 30X magnification, gem clip, and dark-field and bright field baffle. All of this comes on a sturdy base with dark field and incident illuminators.

Jewelers use Professional Gem Microscope to zoom and view the designs.