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Carving wax to make models of rings, bracelets, charms, earrings, basically anything you can dream of in the world of jewelry or ornaments. This assortment of carving waxes makes it easy, affordable, and esimple to accomplish.
Bracelet Blanks Jewelers Wax Kit Specialty Waxes
Create oval, round, or square bracelets in a variety of sizes. more info
Flexible sheets that can be cut or formed into any shape. more info
Tools Wax Blocks Wax Carvers And Spatulas
The economical way to heat your wax carving tools. more info
different colors, different hardness and melting temperature more info
Wax Carvers And Spatulas are ideal for carving, shaping or forming. more info
Wax Solvent Wax Tubes Wax Wires
Wax Tube is ideal for hand-carving, lathe and milling tasks, and burns out cleanly. more info
Wax Wires are used extensively in model making. more info
Wax.Lubricant Waxer Wire Spools
The waxers are used in many industries such as jewelry, metal casting, aircraft, dental, doll and automotive. more info
Wire spools can be bent or formed to any shape without cracking or breaking. more info