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Wax for injection is very specific based on the type of jewelry you wish to create. They are made with either flexible, rigid, or medium compositions. For fine pieces you need one wax, for heavy pieces another one. Get it here, fast, easy and affordable:  Injection Wax, Plastic Wax, Wax Flakes, Bead Wax, Csting Wax,
Accessories Clamps Injection Waxes
Used to comfortably line-up all of your pieces on the wax tree. more info
Clamping pressure is applied by turning a three-bar handle manually more info
Supplied in various colors, hardnesses melting points and degrees of flexibility more info
Melting Pots Model Maker Plastic Injector
These melting pots are suitable for melting waxes more info
Plastic injector is designed with a small foot print to fit into the most restricted of workspaces. more info
Replacement Parts Wax Injector
Jewelers use Regulatory Assembly for Wax Injector. more info
Wax Injector is meant for easy cleaning. more info